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Introducing POS+

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

COGS-Well has released a new product called POS+ .                

POS+ imports financial totals (sales, payment, taxes, comps, discounts, and statistical totals) from your POS system to provide detailed financial reporting.

POS totals are mapped to your chart of accounts for reporting balanced credit and debit entries, by account name/number, to be entered into your general ledger. After an audit, these entries can be made manually or be exported and posted automatically (for some accounting systems).

POS+ can run as a standalone product or in combination with the COGS or COGS+ products. If you are already importing the product sales mix from your POS, then COGS-Well can add the collection of POS financial totals to the daily polling.

POS+ Financial Reporting

POS+ can report on the financial detail from your POS by Revenue Center and Financial Category. POS Financial totals sales, taxes, payments, comps, and discounts will be reported. Statistical totals for things like the number of guests, number of transactions or checks, or the number and value of online orders can be reported on as well.

POS+ General Ledger Posting

POS totals are mapped to your chart of accounts for reporting and posting balanced credit and debit entries to your general ledger. COGS-Well can also isolate and total transactions by daypart in the event you want to isolate breakfast, lunch, or dinner totals.

POS+ provides reporting for your accounting department to capture and audit the daily sales and statistical information you enter into your general ledger. You can make the entries manually using the reporting as a guide or we utilize an interface to the accounting system to post the adjustments automatically (please check to see if COGS-Well has developed an interface to your accounting system).


POS+ will function as a standalone product or along side your COGS or COGS+ inventory control and menu management system. It will poll POS financial totals, report in detail on these totals, isolate day parts, provide a General Ledger posting journal, and automatically post adjustments directly to your accounting system (please check if an interface is available).

POS+ will improve your insight into your POS financial reporting and it will also save your accounting team time versus manually calculating journal entries.

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