About Us

Our Story

Our team has decades of experience developing and servicing restaurant management systems. During this period, we observed that many restaurant operators struggle with the time and complexity required to install and maintain their system.

We have invented ways to make inventory control much easier for restaurant operators. We have automated the inventory installation process (we will do it for you in 2 to 3 days). We have also automated invoice processing to eliminate manual entry.

To make recipe management easier, we have created a library of vendor packaging definitions that automatically configure recipe unit names and factors. We have also added a recipe unit library that enables the use of different recipe units and sizes (grams, cups, pounds, each, liters, etc.) for the same ingredient in different recipes.

The “COGS” in COGS-Well stands for "Cost of Goods Sold". We do “COGS well” by delivering the benefits of inventory control and recipe management via a system that is easy to implement and maintain.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of Bill Lindsey, Dave Douglas, Glen Nelson and Mike Brown. Each team member has a significant background in restaurant operations. Each team member also has many years of experience designing and delivering restaurant management systems to restaurants.


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