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Fast, Easy, & Inexpensive Setup

Most inventory systems require that you setup your system and it typically will take you several months to complete. COGS-Well does your initial setup for you, including your inventory item database, and will usually have you up and running quickly.


Other inventory systems charge several thousand dollars for setup and training services. COGS-Well’s initial setup fee is only a few hundred dollars and the fee includes training.

Receiving Audit Service

We have a team of auditors who will monitor your imported invoices. They will take care of  new items, pack size changes, missing item detail, or significant cost changes for you. You can think of this as “Hands-Free” Receiving.


Our Receiving Audit service will save you many hours each week and this service is unique to COGS-Well. And the Receiving Audit service is included, at no additional charge, in our subscription fee.

Special Services

COGS-Well has an extensive help library that includes articles on every feature, frequently asked questions, and overviews for getting started. There is context-sensitive help on every screen in the software.


COGS-Well provides training videos that make it easy to learn our software. We can also do customized training videos for specific audiences (managers, administrators, etc.). Remote training can be be customized to your requirements.

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