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Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group

“The fast and easy implementation was a major selling point for COGS-Well. But we have also come to appreciate the COGS-Well auditors who monitor our invoices and verify or correct new inventory items for us”.

Born from the undeniable spirit and soul of New Orleans, Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group provides restaurants that celebrate the craveable and creative flavor and spirit of brunch. 

With over 20 Ruby Slipper and Ruby Sunshine locations, and new locations opening regularly, the Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group believes in brunch. 

Collier Restaurant Group

“COGS-Well has bent over backward to help us be successful with their product. They have been so very helpful and I can’t praise their support enough. COGS-Well support is the best I have encountered with any software and it is a huge selling point for their company”.

As a family business, Collier Restaurant Group "CRG" is a local leader in restaurants in the Sevier County, TN, and Garden City, South Carolina area. 

With over 18 restaurant locations, their restaurant portfolio includes three original breakfast concepts and six franchise restaurants. 

Through three generations, CRG's goal has been to provide every guest with the best food in the Smoky Mountains and to create memories for families. 

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Hideaway Pizza

“The level of customer service that we have received, in addition to the knowledge of the entire team at COGS-Well, is a breath of fresh air”.​

Hideaway Pizza’s casual dining concept was created by Richard “The Big Kahuna” Dermer and his wife, Marti, in 1957 near the Oklahoma State University campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dermer built his company on the premise that happy employees equal happy guests, a winning formula that over the years has built a highly devoted fan base that continues to grow.

Cherry Lane Ventures

“COGS-Well makes inventory SO much easier. The folks there are thinking about the problem from the restaurant owner’s point of view rather than just as a process problem. That way of thinking translates through to a big return on investment for us.”

Andiamo! in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and 68 Degrees Kitchen in Austin, Texas, are two scratch kitchen restaurants owned and operated by seasoned restaurateur Joan Gillcrist.

Pier 22 and Grove

“Our inventory spreadsheets were only updated periodically, and the process took a lot of time. Inventory counts used to take a full week every month. Now with COGS-Well, it is only a few hours per month.”

PIER 22 and Grove Restaurants operate two large restaurant, catering, and event facilities in Bradenton, Florida. PIER 22 Restaurant, Patio, and Catering is celebrated for creating an exceptional guest experience via magnificent waterfront views, charming ambiance, and scratch-cooked meals.

Ghost Baby

"COGS-Well did a lot of the initial system setup for us and they did it very quickly. The inventory item database was automatically created via the Fintech interface. I was able to focus on setting the items up in their appropriate storage locations”.

In Cincinnati, five stories below street level, resides Ghost Baby. Ghost Baby is a unique cocktail lounge and nightclub located deep in the tunnels used by a Cincinnati brewing company since the 1870s to keep their beer cooled. Ghost Baby gives an old space new energy and life.


“We strongly believe that tracking theoretical costs is essential. Especially when you are using seasonal, largely organic ingredients where fluctuating prices are the norm. The added insight into food cost in real-time is critical”.

Mamahuhu opened in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco in January 2020. The restaurant was instantly a hit. The space is a modern fast-casual setup with counter-service and a cozy 40-set dining room. The business also has a large focus on take-out and delivery.

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