Blue Pen Financials

Restaurant Accounting and Consulting Partners

COGS-Well is recommended by well-known restaurant bookkeeping, accounting and consulting firms. We work closely with these partners and their customers to integrate COGS-Well into their operations and accounting systems and processes.

Accounts Payable Automation

If you are using an Accounts Payable Automation system, COGS-Well deeply integrates with our AP Automation partners to import the inventory items received (the item, quantity, and price) from vendor invoices. 


Restaurant Supplier Integrations

COGS-Well interfaces with restaurant supplier systems to import invoices, the items received, packaging, costs and product codes. Invoice information can also be exported to your accounts payable system.

POS System Integrations

COGS-Well interfaces with POS systems to upload the sales mix, financial totals, and statistical totals from the POS. We are interfaced with many of the well-known restaurant point of sale systems.

Accounting System Integrations

COGS-Well interfaces with accounting systems to update the chart of accounts. COGS-Well will post invoices to accounts payable, inventory valuations to general ledger, and POS revenue sources to the general ledger. 

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