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Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Management Software

Increased control made fast and EASY!

What We Do

What We Do
Digital Work Life

An Inventory Control and recipe management system will reduce waste, minimize theft, optimize menu decisions, and decrease food and beverage costs.

Most restaurant inventory and recipe systems take way too much time and effort to install (months) and maintain (many hours per week).

Introducing COGS-Well. A revolutionary new system that makes restaurant inventory control and recipe management fast and easy.

Feature Summary
Mobile Counts & Variances
Automated "Hands Free" Receiving
Suggested Orders & Store Transfers
Actual Usage & COGS

Feature Summary

Recipe Costing & Recipe Viewer
POS Interface & Menu Analytics
Prep, Production & Waste
Cost & Usage Variance Analysis

Our Customers Love Us!

Customer Logos
Ruby Slipper
“The fast and easy implementation was a major selling point for COGS-Well. But we have also come to appreciate the COGS-Well auditors who monitor our invoices and verify or correct new inventory items for us”.

- Jennifer Beougher, Chief Financial Officer
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