Restaurant Inventory Control & Recipe Analysis

We make restaurant inventory control 

We have been developing restaurant inventory control systems for many years. We have installed these systems in tens of thousands of restaurants around the world.

An Inventory Control system is the best way to count and value your inventory, order more efficiently, reduce waste, minimize theft, and evaluate your menu.

Traditional restaurant inventory control systems take way too much time to install (months) and too much effort to maintain (many hours per week).

COGS-Well is revolutionary because we make inventory control much easier. The setup process is fast and inexpensive (usually done in a day or two).


COGS-Well imports invoices from your suppliers or from an accounts payable automation service to make invoice entry easy. COGS-Well also makes it easy to deal with new items, changes in packaging, or item substitutions by your vendors.


Enjoy the benefits of increased control, improved efficiency, and added insights; without burdening your staff with a spreadsheet or outdated inventory system.


The “COGS” in COGS-Well stands for "Cost of Goods Sold". We do COGS well by making it fast, easy, intuitive and reliable.