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New 7shifts Partnership

Updated: 5 days ago


To achieve comprehensive operational efficiency, both inventory and labor need to be managed effectively. COGS-Well’s expertise in inventory control and 7shifts expertise in labor management, when combined, will provide restaurant operators with two best-of-breed solutions for managing inventory and labor.

We are excited to announce our partnership with 7shifts. 7shifts is a leading provider of scheduling, timesheets, communications, and other labor management applications for the foodservice industry. 7shifts provides a complete management toolkit for the modern restaurant.

Customer and Vendor Feedback:

“Inventory and labor represent two high-cost areas for restaurant operators that are challenging to manage. We are excited to partner with 7shifts to provide customers with an end-to-end solution for managing their “prime costs” - inventory and labor,” said Dave Douglas, Partner, at COGS-Well.

"We are excited to partner 7shifts with COGS- Well as now you can allocate both inventory costs alongside your labor projections. This is a great opportunity for Operators to audit their Workforce Management Systems to make sure they are maximizing their returns and profits. The partnership with COGS-Well allows us to be cost-efficient when consolidating your tech stack to ensure that you are getting best in class services, which can be shared and trusted by all administrators and easily adopted by your full employee workforce," said Leigh Wilson, Senior Director of Key Accounts Strategy, at 7shifts.

“7shifts is by far the best solution out there and they keep innovating and adding more features. It’s great for scheduling, communication, integration with POS, and managing employees. Managing inventory and labor are two of our largest operational challenges and we benefit from having two great systems working together”, said Murat Sozeri, Owner and CEO of Cholita Linda.

About 7shifts:

7shifts is a team management software designed for restaurants. We help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication. The result is simplified team management, one shift at a time.

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