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New CBS/NorthStar Partnership

Updated: Apr 7

We are excited to announce our partnership with CBS/NorthStar. Custom Business Solution (CBS) is one of the industry's leading providers of Point of Sale solutions for the foodservice industry.

COGS-Well is interfaced with CBS's cloud-based NorthStar POS system. Our companies have combined to offer seamlessly integrated, best of breed solutions, for restaurant front-of-house and back-office management.

“Cogs-Well’s leadership team has proven time and time again to understand what restaurants need from their back-office solution", said Jeremy Julian, Chief Operating Officer for CBS/NorthStar. “They created an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement solution that fits well with the NorthStar suite of products to help restaurants thrive in ever-changing times".

“Restaurant POS and inventory control go together like soup and sandwich”, said Dave Douglas, Partner, at COGS-Well. “When menu item sales are combined with menu item recipes, an operator can determine what their cost of sales and inventory item usage should be. They can also evaluate the profitability of their menu items. CBS/NorthStar’s cloud-based POS made integrating our systems a snap”.

“We use CBS/NorthStar POS and COGS-Well inventory control at our Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill restaurant in South Beach, Florida. Our menu item sales mix that is captured by NorthStar updates automatically and seamlessly to COGS-Well where we can determine theoretical costs and perform further analysis on our menu items”, said Charles Reiser, IT & POS Manager for Blue Ribbon Restaurants.

CBS is exhibiting at this year's multi-unit restaurant technology (MURTEC) show in Las Vegas on March 7th-9th. COGS-Well will be exhibiting at MURTEC also in the "Start-Up Alley". Please click this link If you would like to learn more about CBS/NorthStar, Please click this link for more information on MURTEC 2002.

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