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New SpotOn Partnership

Updated: May 11, 2022


We are excited to announce our partnership with SpotOn. SpotOn is a leading provider of Point of Sale and Payments technologies. SpotOn has created an ecosystem of software and payment processing solutions that empower restaurants and retailers to work more efficiently, strategically, and economically.

Without integration to a POS system, COGS-Well cannot import the daily sales mix (what menu items are selling, in what quantity, and at what price). Without the sales mix, COGS-Well can’t deliver Menu Analytics (profitability based on a menu item’s popularity), or Variance Analysis (what inventory should have been used versus actual usage). In short, a POS interface adds very significant value to COGS-Well.

Customer and Vendor Feedback:

“SpotOn is one of the largest POS and Payments providers in the world. They have 6 offices worldwide, over 1600 employees, and they are adding over 2000 new businesses per month”, said Bill Lindsey, Partner, and Co-Founder at COGS-Well. “We are therefore delighted to have an integration to their platform and to be working with them nationally”.

We interviewed Brendan Sullivan, owner of Sullivan’s Castle Island, and a SpotOn and COGS-Well joint customer. “Once I saw SpotOn, it became very clear that it was the right choice. Their POS system is very easy to use for the front and back of the house”, said Brendan Sullivan.

Sullivan went on to say, "SpotOn does not have a COGS program, but fortunately for us, this is where COGS-Well jumps into the picture. We can now receive a very accurate COGS report for our daily sales, leading to a better understanding of our menu items”.

Scott Youklis, Restaurateur in Residence at SpotOn said, "Thank you COGS-well for creating such a fantastic system! Any solution that creates efficiencies in the kitchen or bar is huge for SpotOn Restaurant customers and the integration provides the insights all food and beverage managers need from spending to ordering to monitoring waste. Features like invoice management and easy recipe creation help with menu planning and pricing to drive revenue and increased margins, a true win-win situation."

About SpotOn:

SpotOn is one of the fastest-growing software and payments companies with comprehensive, cloud-based technology for small, midsize, and enterprise businesses in the restaurant, retail, sports, education, and entertainment space. Known for its rapid innovation and industry-leading customer service, SpotOn offers integrated solutions including marketing and loyalty, website development, e-commerce, reservations and waitlisting, mobile ordering, digital payments, review management, and both retail and restaurant point-of-sale (POS) solutions. Link to SpotOn website.

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