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A Better Initial Setup


The challenge installing restaurant inventory control systems is they require a lot of information to be manually entered before they can be used. It usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks to install an inventory system from a provider other than COGS-Well.

COGS-Well, however, completely eliminates the time and effort normally associated with the Initial Setup process. We do your entire Initial Setup for you, and we complete the process in just a few days.

Inventory Item Database:

Building the inventory item database will be a very big task in any system other than COGS-Well. Each item will have to be entered manually, along with its name, price, category, packaging, vendor code, count unit configuration, and recipe unit configuration.

Our customers average 1191 food and beverage inventory items per location. It typically takes 4 minutes to add a new inventory item. That adds up to 4,764 minutes or about 80 hours to build a new inventory database. Of course, there are always distractions, interruptions, limited resources, or missing information, that add even more time to the process.

The good news is COGS-Well builds your inventory item database for you including vendors, categories, and GL accounts. We also configure the count unit and recipe unit for each item for you. You will save a ton of time and effort and you can start using COGS-Well in days versus waiting for weeks.

If another provider tells you that inventory items can be imported, the item information usually needs to be manually entered into a spreadsheet first. Or it likely won’t include categories or GL accounts, or count unit and recipe unit configurations. This means you will have to add this information manually.

Additional Setup and Training:

COGS-Well also sets up your company, locations, and initial users for you as part of Initial Setup. We will also provide all other system integrations (Point of Sale, vendors, Fintech, Plate IQ, accounting system, etc.) as part of this process.

As part of the POS integration, we will add all of your POS Sales items, including categories and price, to your database. All you need to do is add recipe ingredients.

Training is also included in COGS-Well's Initial Setup. It is delivered remotely in two 1.5 hour sessions. The first session covers inventory. The second session covers recipes and sales including theoretical cost/usage and menu analytics.

Complete Audit:

As part of the Initial Setup, we audit everything we import into your database for accuracy. For example, our auditors examine every inventory item - they add or correct any missing information such as pack size or item code. It adds time to our process, but we want to make sure your starting database is accurate.


We are not aware of any other restaurant inventory provider that does the Initial Setup for their customers. Certainly, no other provider completes this process in 3 to 5 days or does all of this for the same low fee.

Why task your team with building or auditing your inventory database when COGS-Well will do it for you? Why wait for 6 to 8 weeks (while paying for but not using your system) when you can use COGS-Well right away?

With COGS-Well's Initial Setup Process:

1. You will not have to do any initial setup yourself.

2. Your database will be more accurate.

3. The setup process will only take a few days.

4. You can track invoices, order, transfer, take counts, and build recipes immediately.

5. You will receive all of the above for a very small setup fee.

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