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Hands-Free Receiving!

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Restaurant Inventory control systems require "Receiving". Receiving is the process of entering the quantity and price for each inventory item received on an invoice or delivery receipt into your inventory system. Receiving requires you to address new vendors, new items, changes in item pack size, and missing item information such as the pack size or item code.

If Receiving is not done accurately and on a timely basis, then your actual inventory usage will be inaccurate, your ending inventory count valuations will be incorrect, your recipe unit costs will be wrong, and your theoretical to actual variances will be suspect.

The catch-22 on receiving is while it enables inventory control systems to perform their magic, the manual entry is also a tedious, time-intensive task, that is prone to error. Whether a restaurant manager or a system administrator enters receiving, it will consume a lot of their time and not be their favorite activity.

After years of observing customers struggle with receiving, COGS-Well has finally come up with a game-changing solution we call “Hands-Free Receiving”. Hands-free receiving transitions receiving from a multi-hour per week, error-prone task, to a process that requires zero hours of staff time per week and is also very accurate. Let's review how Hands-Free Receiving works.

Hands-free receiving is a combination of unique product features and special services. On the product side, we start by importing your invoices, including the inventory item detail. By doing this invoice import we eliminate the requirement for any manual entry of invoice information.

To import invoices we interface directly with your vendors or your Accounts Payable Automation system, or we provide a COGS -Well "Invoice Plus" invoice import service.

We have also developed alert features in our product that flag when there are new vendors, new inventory items, missing item detail, or a significant change in item cost on imported invoices. These alerts make our Receiving Audit service possible (see below).

On the service side, COGS-Well provides a "Receiving Audit" service that is included at no additional charge in our software subscription.

Our team of receiving auditors act on the invoice alerts and make any necessary item confirmations or corrections. They even find pack sizes and item codes for vendors who do not provide this detail which, unfortunately, is quite common.

COGS-Well’s Receiving Audit service is transparent. In addition to saving you time, it is an insurance policy for maintaining accurate inventory item detail. When Receiving Audit is combined with automated invoice import, it will make your entire receiving process completely self-maintaining, hence, “Hands-Free Receiving”.

We believe COGS-Well is the first and only restaurant inventory system provider to offer Hands-Free Receiving. If you mentioned Hands-Free Receiving to someone using any other restaurant inventory control software, they likely would not believe it possible. We wish it didn’t take us years to figure this innovative solution out, but now is better than never!

"COGS-Well truly automates the entire inventory process saving us a significant amount of labor hours compared to other products on the market." Tim Anderson, President, Hideaway Pizza Restaurants.

I was impressed by how tightly COGS-Well integrated with Plate IQ. Unlike other inventory systems, COGS-Well eliminates all of the requirement for manually entering item detail from invoices." Joshua Thomas, General Manager, Austin Eastciders

“If COGS-Well’s mission is to make inventory control faster to implement and easier to use, then it is mission accomplished for COGS-Well.” Gerald Tipton, LuLu’s, President.

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