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Hands-Free Receiving!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Restaurant Inventory control systems require "Receiving". Receiving is the process of entering the quantity and price for each inventory item received on an invoice into your inventory control system. Receiving also requires you to update new vendors, new items, and changes in item packaging.

Receiving must be done accurately and on a timely basis to ensure your actual inventory usage and ending inventory valuation are correct. It will also keep your recipe costs and your theoretical to actual cost and usage variances accurate.

The catch-22 on receiving is while it enables inventory control systems to perform their magic, manually entering invoices with inventory line item detail is a time-intensive task that is prone to error. Most inventory control systems require manual entry of invoices unless they come from a vendor using EDI.

After years of watching customers struggle with receiving, COGS-Well came up with a game-changing solution we call “Hands-Free Receiving”. Hands-free receiving transitions receiving from a multi-hour per week, error-prone task, to a process that requires zero hours of staff time per week and is also more accurate. Let's review how Hands-Free Receiving works.

Hands-free receiving is a combination of unique product features and special services. On the product side, we start by importing your invoices, including the inventory item detail. By importing invoices from any vendor, we eliminate the requirement for manual entry of invoice information.

To import invoices we can interface directly with your vendors via EDI, your Accounts Payable Automation system (such as Plate IQ), or via COGS -Well's "Invoice Plus" invoice scanning and import solution. Many customers use a combination of the above.

To address the maintenance requirement for new vendors, new items, changes in pack size, or missing information on imported invoices, we start by generating alerts when these events occur.

Next, we provide a free"Receiving Audit" service instead of requiring you to deal with the alerts. The receiving audit team acts on alerts to make additions or corrections to your inventory database for you. This service also ensures your inventory item database remains accurate.

"COGS-Well truly automates the entire inventory process saving us a significant amount of labor hours compared to other products on the market." Tim Anderson, President, Hideaway Pizza Restaurants.

I was impressed by how tightly COGS-Well integrated with Plate IQ. Unlike other inventory systems, COGS-Well eliminates all of the requirements for manually entering item detail from invoices." Joshua Thomas, General Manager, Austin Eastciders

“If COGS-Well’s mission is to make inventory control faster to implement and easier to use, then it is mission accomplished for COGS-Well.” Gerald Tipton, LuLu’s, President.

COGS-Well is the first and only restaurant inventory control system provider to offer Hands-Free Receiving. Hand-Free Receiving has transitioned a process that takes hours of staff time each week in other inventory systems, to not require any staff time in COGS-Well. We just wish we thought of it sooner.

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