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2023 = Great Year for COGS-Well

Updated: Feb 13


2023 was a productive and rewarding year for COGS-Well. We experienced a significant growth, added numerous new customers and restaurant locations, released many product enhancements, added new services, and expanded our team in 2023.

New Customers:

In 2023, our company welcomed hundreds of new restaurants to our family. We are proud to say that our new customers come from all food service segments including quick service, fast casual, casual dining, and fine dining. Additionally, they vary from chains to independent restaurant operators.

We are excited to have some notable brands join COGS-Well in 2023 such as Wagamama, Impact Kitchen, Benson’s Restaurant Group, LAM Ryan Corporation, Eggs Up Grill, Prime Steak Concepts, Punch Bowl Social, Better Buzz Coffee, Bambuza, Laguna Fish Company, and Innovative Dining Group.

New Restaurants:

Congratulations to &pizza who launched 46 new COGS-Well restaurants in 2023, and thank you to High Flying Foods for opening 17 new COGS-Well locations in 2023. Fabio Viviani Restaurants introduced several new concepts, including JARS, Chuck Lager, 9Prime, Seville, Lago, and Adelina who used COGS-Well to help open their doors.

The Epicurean Group added two new concepts, namely L’Artusi and b’artusi. Mezeh Mediterranean Grill opened eight new COGS-Well stores, and Ruby Slipper launched six new restaurants.

New Product Updates and Upgrades:

It was a very successful year for our COGS+ product, with a significant expansion of its features. Throughout 2023, we delivered 14 new product releases, providing valuable upgrades and enhancements.  We added new vendor EDI integrations along with new POS integrations.

In addition, COGS-Well made significant strides in expanding our integrations with accounting platforms such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Intacct. These integrations now encompass accounts payable exports, complete with invoice images.

During 2023, we introduced a novel feature to create and automatically email Reports Books to Users. We also added the ability to generate highly customizable Custom Data Exports. Finally, we expanded the capabilities in our already comprehensive ordering and transfer features to meet new requirements from our numerous customers who utilize these features.

Enhanced Customer Training and Support Services:

COGS-Well added several new online training classes in 2023 and expanded the schedule for the more popular classes to be offered twice a week.

We also created new training videos for our most in-demand features. Additionally, the articles in our Help and Learning Center were significantly expanded during 2023 with unique articles for frequently asked questions, getting started, and tips and tricks.

Expanded Team:

In 2023, COGS-Well has further expanded our team. We have recruited additional personnel to enhance our Audit, System Setup, Training, Support, Sales, and development teams.

Moreover, we have implemented new infrastructure to facilitate the efficient onboarding of new team members and enable them to swiftly familiarize themselves with our comprehensive range of products and services.


COGS experienced significant growth during 2023. We acquired new customers and witnessed the continued expansion of our existing customer base.

Throughout the year, we implemented a host of updates and upgrades to our product line. Additionally, we enhanced our customer service offerings and expanded our team by adding new members.

We are expecting continued growth in 2024. Our growth will be made possible by the ongoing support of our loyal customers and the strong dedication of our team members.  

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