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Great Fit - All Types of Food Service

Updated: Apr 19


COGS-Well is unique in its ability to provide an inventory control, recipe management, and cost analysis system that works well for all food and beverage service business needs. This is made possible by a very robust feature set, many configurable options, and a customer service team with years of experience. 

Independent Restaurants: 

Many Independent restaurants including Old Bay Steamer and BOTTINO have selected COGS-Well because it is fast, easy, and inexpensive to install. Independent operators often have limited resources or expertise for setting up a new system. COGS-Well solves this challenge by doing the setup for our new customers, usually in just a few days. This is a unique service that sets COGS-Well apart from its competitors.   

“I needed to review and fine-tune a few things when COGS-Well turned the system over to me, but I was amazed by how quickly it happened. We saved many hours by not having to do the initial system setup ourselves.”  Cooper Thurber, Pier 22 and the Grove Restaurant.

Chain Restaurants: 

Chain restaurants including &pizza, Playa Bowls, and Ruby Slipper rely on COGS-Well because it is very easy for managers to use and maintain. COGS-Well makes inventory control easy for managers by automating invoice entry and managing the inventory item database for managers, including adding and configuring new and substitute items. 

“The fast and easy implementation was a major selling point for COGS-Well. But we have also come to appreciate the COGS-Well auditors who monitor our invoices and verify or correct new inventory items for us”. Jennifer Beougher, CFO, Ruby Slipper Restaurants.

“We knew that entering invoices required a lot of time and we wanted to save the managers as much time as possible. COGS-Well’s invoice scanning and audit service saves each of our managers 1.5 to 2 hours per week. For 13 locations, it is also saving me 4 hours per week at the home office”. Billy Williams, IT Manager, Collier Restaurant Group.

Chains also require a system that accommodates ordering, transfers, prep planning, waste tracking, theoretical to actual variance, and integration with their Business Information and Accounting system.

“With COGS-Well, we moved to weekly inventory counts and automated transfers. More frequent counts have provided managers with increased control and insight. Inventory and transfer adjustments are now automatically exported to our NetSuite GL. With 33 restaurants, this process is easily saving us 5 hours per month.” Danielle Panikiewsky, Director of Finance, Playa Bowls.

Restaurant Management Companies:

COGS-Well is used by restaurant management groups including Fabio Viviani, Urban Food Group, and Palisades Hospitality Group. These customers operate multiple restaurant concepts and COGS-Well provides them with the flexibility to manage each restaurant and each unique concept based on their specific requirements.  

“We use COGS-Well to manage multiple bar and restaurant concepts. It is easy to set up, manage, and report on the restaurants in each concept and to evaluate the performance for the entire concept”. COGS-Well is also saving us time and it has increased the accuracy of our reporting. Chris Carvalho, Director, Accounting Services, Palisades Hospitality Group.      

"We operate multiple restaurant concepts and we use COGS-Well to control inventory and manage recipes for each one. Each concept resides in a common COGS-Well database and our system administrators control which inventory and recipe items are used by each restaurant.  We also use COGS-Well to manage transfers between our restaurants". Susan Marsh, General Operations, Urban Food Group.

Hotels and Country Clubs:

COGS-Well is used by many hotels and clubs including Oliver Hospitality Hotels, Snowmass Club, and Bald Head Island Club. These establishments have separate venues for their restaurants and bars, with separate managers. Some make requisitions to a central kitchen or storage area.  COGS-Well has all the features and options to help hotels and country clubs operate more efficiently.  

“We use COGS-Well to manage the restaurant and the bar at Padre Hotel. With COGS-Well, we've seen our entire kitchen operation become more organized and our food cost has dropped 3 points over the last year". Jennifer Johnson, General Manager, the Padre Hotel.  

“We use COGS-Well to manage our food and beverage inventory. We have storage locations and recipes set up for food, beverage, beer, and wine.  COGS-Well helps us control costs and evaluate performance for all of our food and beverage operations”. Eric F. Beacom, Assistant Food and Beverage Director, Snowmass Club.

Entertainment Venues:

COGS-Well is used by the Oak View Group (OVG Hospitality) and Craft Culinary Concepts to manage inventory and recipes for stadiums, event centers, museums, and zoos.  They need a robust, flexible system that can be used by the team at each venue. They also need a system that can handle multiple food service types, from concessions to fine dining.

"COGS-Well has been an invaluable asset to us at OVG. The integration of scanned invoices directly into our inventory management system has been particularly transformative. This feature alone has revolutionized the way we handle inventory costs, providing both efficiency and accuracy that drive our operations forward. In short, COGS-Well has been a game changer for our business, streamlining our processes in ways that were previously unimaginable". Otis Huemmer, PCIII, Divisional Chef, OVG Hospitality

“Craft Culinary Concepts manages Retail Food & Beverage and Catering operations at entertainment venues in four States.  We use COGS-Well to control inventory costs for each outlet at each Venue. COGS-Well has also significantly reduced our A/P labor costs by eliminating manually entered invoices into our A/P payment system”.  The Team at COGS-Well is very responsive and extremely helpful from implementation to ongoing support". Char Bustos, Corporate Controller, Craft Culinary Concepts.

Superior Customer Service:

The COGS-Well service team helps customers optimize their results with COGS-Well for every food service type.  They don’t just do the setup and answer questions, they are also very consultative and responsive about how to optimize COGS-Well.

“We're extremely happy with the support the COGS-Well team has been providing throughout the configuration, training, and rollout processes of the implementation. We're so glad that we started this partnership”.  Emir Aydin, Manager of Business Development, Impact Kitchen.   

“The level of customer service that we have received, in addition to the knowledge of the entire team at COGS-Well, is a breath of fresh air.” Tim Anderson, President, Hideaway Pizza.


COGS-Well delivers the same fast system installation, easy ongoing maintenance, and great customer service to every food service business regardless of their type. The ability to be a great fit for all types of food service operations is unique to COGS-Well


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